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Onmyoji is a popular JRPG based on Japanese folklore that turns you into a powerful sorcerer that can use his magical powers and even summon shikigami spirits. Your objective here is to protect the world from demons and other unworldly creatures.

The game is made up of turn-based combats with teams of up to four players. Each player has a number of special skills and attacks that can be used against any battle member. As you start overcoming he challenges, you’ll start gaining resources that can be used to unlock new characters and enhance the ones you already have.

You’ll go through settings where you can chat with other characters and move your character around freely, but the best part about the gaming experience are the modes that include daily rewards, typical of the smartphone MMOs.

Onmyoji is an interesting game that’s backed by its total success across the Asian countries. Its excellent visual and audio values are sure to make any anime, JRPG and ancient Japanese culture lover have an amazing time.
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Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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